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To sponsor a photographic journey from Whitby, England across seven continents retracing the voyages of Capt. Cook to the present remains and location of the Whitby ships Endeavor and Discovery recently uncovered under water in Newport, R.I.
To photograph the present day descendants of those populations Capt. Cook and his original Whitby ships and crews would have come upon. To express their story from an Indigenous perspective in photographs using early photographic technique and equipment. The examples I have submitted are representative from the starting point to the end. From Whitby, England to Narragansett, R.I. For a more complete review, several collections are available at I need a sponsor for each of the indigenous cultures to be selected.
Example Aboriginal Australia, Maori of New Zealand, Tahitian Natives of Polynesia; Native Hawaiians, Indigenous of South America; China; Africa; Pacific Northwest, First People of the Americas;
Others, to be named...
To sponsor an exhibition and cultural exchange photographically both on the Internet and selected locations with regard to Indigenous people representing where they are today in the 21stt Century and in relationship to others. To tell their story…

Contributors or sponsors will receive acknowledgements. A $10,000 contribution is sufficient to sponsor a photo project retracing Cooks voyage or for consideration on any related proposal. A collection of 5 originally framed Iris Prints from the first edition are given to any sponsor after completion of the work. The value of the edition may exceed the value of the contribution.

Individual contributions are made by the acquisition of limited ed. Iris prints*

Portfolio/175   10x12 paper                           $ 100
Studio /90       12x16 framed  $ 675 paper  $ 475
Gallery /60      18x24 framed  $1250 paper $ 950
Museum/10    24x32 framed  $2600 paper$2375

· All prints are the highest quality printed exclusively by Millstone Press in Iris using archival ink on 100% Somerset cotton fibre paper. They are individually signed by the artist and sealed for authenticity. Custom oak Roy Croft frames are designed for each edition and individually engraved.

Prices or value may increase as the number in the edition decrease. Inkjet copies, LaserJet and other reproductions are also offered after factoring papers and size. An 8"x10" ink jet print on photographic like paper would be $25 contribution while a archival signed original 40"x 30" photo-ionograph would be offered for a $900 contribution. Special Exhibition 6ftx8ft photo-ionographs and greater sizes, posters and/or post cards can be made by individual order. .e-mail orders and requests to

Commitment to Fine Art Portraits and Photo-ionographs *
* By request only by appointment. proceeds are by contribution, and may be adjusted for any support in the above projects for the continued photography of Indigenous People, Pax Corps and Web site

On-Site Portraiture Large format Black and White Sepia only

Sitting fee $200
(6 person maximum) In this sitting the photographer will shoot on location, outdoors in a natural setting, for family group or individual. Please inquire about larger groups, ceremonial events and private expeditions.
Fibre print price of originals

 8x10 $ 75
11x14 $200
16x20 $500

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