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Life through the Art of Dominic Alessandra

As we enter the 21 St century there can be no dispute that the rate at which we move and perceive our lives is directly influenced by the extent and intensity which with we embrace the world's new technologies and how we choose to utilize them. It is not merely a choice of which computer or whose software, but how we choose to integrate them into our lives, to what extent, and for what purpose. To live with values that are built upon both tradition and present day values in the context of a world speeding up may prove to be the most difficult journey at hand.

Dominic Alessandra seems to have spent a lifetime preparing for this journey and is one of few with the vision and artistry to capture history and articulate the future through imagery that is bold, honest, and undeniably masterful. As with all artists, Alessandra draws from some of the great masters of photography (i.e., Sutcliff, Curtis, Jackson, Hine, et al.), to create photographs that go directly to a dialogue with the spirit of man. His concerns for equality amongst men are evident in his unbiased imagery. He says he wants "To see across race, class, religion". Take a look at any number of Alessandra's portraits and you will see supporting evidence to back up his words. Intrinsic in his craft and evident in the Whitby and Natives series, Alessandra is able to go beyond the camera and into the soul of his subjects. He is non existent. As with great photographs, what seems present are just the viewer and the subject - Alessandra is not present. He is humble and acts as a communicator for God. 

Although steeped in his own history and that of his subjects, Dominic Alessandra is not shy toward technology. Forever experimenting and integrating his images with the new computer technologies, he disciplines his spirit to acknowledge and incorporate the present while utilizing the past. Much like a teacher to his subjects of Whitby and the Native Americans, he gives his lessons by his own example. He realizes that the past and the present is not just important, but it is the key to the future, one that embraces his core beliefs of justice, equality, and truth -a future that acknowledges the soul and spirit, while affirming the miracle that we are here.

Steven W. Albahari Publisher 


          The Work of Dominic Alessandra

Contrivance is the spiritual downfall of modern man, but the body is the crucible for the transformation of the spirit from the mundane to the higher realms of truth.

The power of that place is clearly evident in the works of Dominic Alessandra.  It is no easy task to unveil that elusive spirit.  Although no man can create what is not already there, Alessandra, through his choice of subjects and artistic mastery, has been able to reveal that truth before it recedes from our view. He has created as set of powerful images transcend our everyday lives and moves us to a place were reports existed and to where we continually struggle to return. Alessandra shows us that contrivance cannot exist in the face of truth and without this distraction his images become reflections of a higher ground.

Timothy Daley 

June, 2000 

Millstone Publishing


Mr. Alessandra,


I knew I had come across a real "gem" today ... What absolutely beautiful work you have produced, so full of emotion, and soul. The truth in your subjects is clear and absolute. You truly have given the world a wonderful gift. I am so glad I looked at your website....but I will need more time to

get through the reading!




Odin K. Smith


Whitby, described as a ?Haven under the Hill? by Whitby authoress Mary Linskill, has changed little over the passage of centuries. One of the few places in the world reminiscent of footpaths and passages used since medieval times by knights, abbots, monks, smugglers, mariners, merchants and fisherfolk. 

? From Whitby I will retrace Capt. Cooks` circumnavigation across 7 continents My purpose is to record the descendants of the indigenous people that Capt. Cook in his oak Whitby built sailing ships would have encountered in his voyage around the world over 200 years ago. And reveal in their faces and expressions their story that brings us into the 21st Century. continue.....

There are two distinct styles in my photography that may be viewed in an ongoing exhibition on my web site at I would describe one as traditional, more classical, in sepia, with a vintage quality and the other a more contemporary, non-traditional, new genre what I call, ?photo-ionography?. They both serve the same goal. A ?photo-ionograph? starts with a photograph created with an aesthetic sensibility offering itself to an imaginative and expressive representation inherent in the heart and mind. The desired result is then attained after a molecular ionization or release of energy in the image perceived by the artist who then uses whatever imaging technique is available to create an atomizing desired effect. Where done competently and successfully causes immediate perception, appreciation or apprehension to the content eliciting a reaction or response informed by those sensibilities. What matter not, photograph or fine art? The merits of a true ionograph like a great photograph results in successfully expressing intrinsic values that are recognized, infinite and enduring. What matters is to convey honestly an inspiration into the body, soul, and spirit that preserves life enduring in the minds eye of the beholder long after the arrival of critical review..





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