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Welcome to the PAX Corps, crossroads and alliance for world-wide adventure, learning, and discovery, crossing borders and removing barriers. A diverse corps of people linked together from around the world learning in the "peripatetic tradition", following “grassroots”, real life pathways on foreign and native soil, benefiting from direct, cross-cultural instruction and native experiences, for learning languages, to appreciation and studies in art, music, theater and dance, field photography, hands on film-making, on site archaeology digs, history classes, to exchanges and research in health, science, industry and technology. PAX Corps includes outward bound learning adventures, studies of the environment and eco systems, habitat and wildlife conservation...native guided tours to nature guided excursions, to real-life survival and learning skills, mountain climbing, trekking, biking, sailing, scuba, athletic exercises, sports competition, and Olympic training and events.

PAX Corps participants around the world are challenged and inspired, disciplined in mind, body and spirit, determined to master a skill or craft, join or lead a study group recreational activity, workshop, art program, outdoor stage performance, language course. Enroll in an academic or university program, job corps or offer volunteer community service and goodwill.

Learning pursuits and adventures as boundless as the imagination, energy and resourcefulness of the Corps and the world has to offer. With the "world as a classroom" and nurturing environment, PAX Corps focuses on subjects from archaeology to zoology, cris-crossing, people, places and interest, united together with a common bond, in peace, forming a connecting bridge across diversity and oceans.

PAX Corps thru cross cultural exchanges and real life adventures, endeavors to create awareness of cultural similarities, speaking language without prejudice; seeing beyond cultural differences and foreign customs, to searching into the heart and soul of the individual and community, at the same time listening for the voices of the human spirit, often unheard over the pomp and ceremony of the world today.

PAX Corps encourages interactive education, international understanding, co-operation, global discovery and communication, friendship, recreation, health and goodwill. A connecting link to people of the old world traditions and modern contemporary life... from primitive to high tech society, fostering mutual respect and The PAX Corps is about journeying to both cultural and natural areas, where life flourishes and energy flows, to be inspired, to be in awe of, to learn valuable lessons and skills, to become better informed, about the world we live, and share. Ultimately, understanding we are interdependent, to act responsibly, to contribute to the conservation and support of those very eco systems, cultures and inhabitants for their preservation and survival.

It is not just the personal achievement or winning performance, the mastery of a language or skill, craft or technique, or any learning adventure for its own sake. That is important and certainly an invaluable portion of the reward and experience gained for the individual. Not unlike the exhilaration and gratification after an ascent of Mt. Everest

Of greater importance for the PAX Corps is in the descent, descending with heightened awareness, to increase and share that accomplishment, a knowledge serving to further sustain life and beauty in fragile areas, not trample over them, to help support local economies and protect sites and their inhabitants from endangerment or exploitation for future generations. Descending to retrace our footprints, from earliest origins to the present, that lead to truth, uncovering our humanity, human story, focusing on the faces and expressions, hearts, voices and events, responsible for inspiring and uplifting the human spirit, and the human condition. 

PAX Corps searches for the “light and salt” of the earth and follows the guiding beacons of life across the luminous ocean of humanity shining brightly for hope, courage, joy, love, and peace. Charting them, like a pilot and crew on a ship, as a welcome lighthouse and refuge for liberty, a direction and course for learning, a safe harbor, offering guidance, protection, warmth, strength and inspiration that we may all come to know them, on our passage in life. PAX Corps equally supports and magnifies any lives or actions for the recognition and elevation of all people, lives, deeds, events, individually or collectively often displaced, forgotten, lost, or overshadowed by the artificialities of the times.

The goal PAX Corps strives for is to be that alliance and crossroads in someone's life, to make a connecting link with others, in an indivisible chain reaching around the world calling for peace, with each link, in turn, each learning adventure, a mirror, a searchlight reaching across the depths and darkness, across our fears, misunderstanding and ignorance of the unknown and unfamiliar. A searchlight shining brightly reflecting back to a responsible and aware world citizen and ambassador of good will, standing for unequivocal truth, equality, human dignity, respect of human rights, liberty, courage, preservation of life, and nature, watchful of the environment and eco systems. A spiritual being and a good Samaritan, with a deeper understanding surpassing worldly knowledge, to knowing the Golden Rule, “ love your neighbor as yourself” and the need for a more perfect love under God, for a more perfect humanity....

PAX (peripatetic academia xenia) is a Corps for peace and a charter for travel and living, independent study and learning adventures in the "peripatetic" tradition. A tradition that takes learning from the classroom into the outdoor “ peripatos” and “academies”. Respectively, into the“ shady walks” and" gardens and groves” of ancient Greece as the custom of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato, who taught their “disciples” or students, while "walking about", from place to place . “Peripatetic” referred to a person who walked about the “peripatos” learning, and is another word for a traveler on foot. The PAX Corps are not followers of Socrates, the philosophy of Aristotle or Plato, or the “Peripatetic” school, or “Academies,” but adapting their pursuit of learning associated with travel on foot. For the PAX Corps (peripatetica academia) extends the practice and exercise of walking about , from those ancient “ peripatos and academies,” to “ the world as a living classroom,” any where learning can take place, for a Corps of learners, traveling today, by foot, skateboard, on safari, canoe, kayak, raft, ship, submersible, train, bus, ATV, hot air balloon, parasail or aircraft. The PAX Corps provides exciting travel and learning opportunities. A forum for today's youth and adults that allows personal participation in real life history, geography, political science, language, literature, music, poetry, drama, art, religion, science, and sports around the world.

PAX is a walk throughout life by reason or by faith, a exploration that includes discovery, and adventure learning, forever in the spirit of peace. It is from the steps along the “shady walks” and “gardens groves” of Greece, to the “Mount of Olives” in Jerusalem, following in the footsteps of Christ with His “disciples” and His gift of Peace to the world that PAX inherits guided discipline and dedication to courses of learning and knowledge; knowledge from a physical and metaphysical tree of life and all its branches, extended to a spiritual life and truth. It is through faith and trust guided by a Higher conscience discerning good in people and places and by personal relationship that the PAX Corps follows along a path filled with wonder and discovery.

Adventures rooted in knowledge and in light, realizing in faith and principle that when manifested in a person will most always bear gifts and life for others. In a similar way to most green living things when properly seeded, nurtured and cared for in the right environment with the right amount of sunshine and rain, they will grow healthy roots, branches, flowers, and generally always bear good fruit.

PAX was organized in 1969 when 23 Western New York high school students traveled throughout Portugal, Spain and N. Africa during 4 and a half weeks; An independent study program was created to complement formal studies in Spanish with direct cultural and language experience. The itinerary included Old World cities such as Lisbon, Madrid, Pamplona, San Sebastian, Santander, Toledo, Granada, Tangier, and Seville. The students traveling across picturesque countryside by bus and train , stayed in a variety of hotels, pensions, missionaries ...from a convent to camping overnight in the Pyrenees and along the Guadalquivir River in Seville. There were cultural exchanges and dialogues in Spanish at the markets, villages, roadsides, and harbors, including fishing with local fisherman in the bay of Biscay. The students visited historical sites such as the Royal Palace, Alhambra, Castilian cathedrals and castles, University of Salamanca, Prado Art Museum in Madrid, viewed the primitive cave paintings of Altamira, ran with the bulls in Pamplona, attended Spanish movies, theater, flamenco dancing and gypsy folk singing in Andalusia.

The following year, PAX members organized a trip to Mexico. The group traveled in a renovated school bus along the back routes, camping aside rivers and lakes and in the mountains. At one point the bus was secured on a railroad platform and traveled 300 miles over the spectacular Tarahumara Canyons overlooking canyons more than a mile deep at various points. The railroad platform was uncoupled in a remote village near a waterfall where the Corps spent several days in a cultural exchange with the villagers, hiking, swimming and taking photographs. The Corps traveled to Mazatlan on the Pacific Coast, to Mexico City, the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacan and returned through the interior of Mexico. Both programs were initiated and supervised by an American educator with extensive foreign experience.

PAX has organized adventure travel to Mexico to Portugal, Spain, and N. Africa; a photographic journey to England; and a sailing experience in Scandinavia. The programs range from more independent and flexible general introductory language and culture courses on a secondary and college level to more concentrated and specialized activities initiated by a particular Corps member. It is therefore important that each upper level independent study group (college, graduate and student) include a qualified leader and a general cross section of people extended to imaginative, thoughtful and resourceful people that will motivate and complement any chosen study. This also applies to outward bound adventures, expeditions and missions.

All PAX independent study is participatory. The activity of PAX lies in the activity of its members. An individual voluntary yearly contribution of $25 helps maintain the organization, and supports ongoing projects, as well as research and conservation. It is not a prerequisite for membership. Being in agreement with the PAX CORPS Charter is what matters. As a subscribed PaxCorps member you will be entitled to benefits, discounts, and eligibility to participate or lead in PAX activities as well as access to other programs offering group discounts that are in alliance with the PAX Corps. Access to PAX Corps bulletin board and web-site including, placement and info, costs, and benefits, schedules, will be available on line.

PAX would like learning adventures, independent study and outward bound activities initiated in all geographic and subject areas 12 months of the year. PAX groups are currently being formed in areas from modern languages to divisions of art, music and history , ecojournies, to fitness, and sports.

If not, PAX looks to new membership to take the initiative. A qualified leader and several Corps members is the first step to organize an independent study program {ISP} or an independent adventure {IA}. ISP’s and IA”s allows freedom to organize your own trip and spend as much time as you want. Adventures from comfortable, to rugged,. to extreme. The costs, where to go? what to do? when?, is worked out among the participants.

The expectations are set for high standards, appropriateness, and originality, recommended by the PAX organization, for meeting the needs and means of the Corps membership. The participants in alliance with PAX aims for independent study and activities to...coordinate closely with the course studied... are flexible to accommodate the interest of the majority of the group... the members should learn firsthand of the people and culture...put to practice the language studied, study the original works of the greatmasters.and local art...examine ancient civilizations and important historic and cultural points of interest...the group should take part in recreational activities, attend plays, museums, concerts. operas, movies, lectures and allow for other interests available in a cultural community. The leader will carefully select accommodations and modes of travel to assure the comfort and well being of the students. Guidelines developed by the Ecumenical Coalition on Third World Tourism should be adhered to. The complete course should include a descriptive itinerary and recommended reading list that is flexible and relative to the nature of the subject area. The reading list, while not required, is suggested for independent selection and study prior to or during the travel. Independent study may be extended to prominent European universities and centers of learning. PAX places no bounds for any course. PAX is a framework and network in which the Corps may work or enlarge upon. There is no credit (unless prearranged with your respective college or school) only Xenia, generally, what you give and receive, what you sow and reap i.e.. your own learning, understanding and experience. In ancient Greece, Xenia was a gift given to guests, foreigners and strangers, generally fish or fruit.

For some PAX members, Xenia may be the study of Egyptology in Cairo, or the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, a walk thru Old Jerusalem, following the steps of Jesus, or a visit to the ruins of Pompeii; an unglazed earthenware bowl from a contemporary Mexican village in Oaxaca, Mexico or turquoise jewelry found in a southwest Navajo Indian village; an open air concert under the stars in the ancient Baths of Caracalla in Rome, or a walk in the Acropolis in Athens; the Louvre Art Museum in Paris or the Elizabethan stage in Stratford; white water rafting , kayaking in Alaska or travel by riverboat down the Amazon in South America.

While PAX Corps cannot expect everyone to experience the benefits of travel and cultural exchange, we can expect anyone who has the desire will have an opportunity for learning and travel in the PAX Corps. PAX offers examples of travel adventures that are challenging and affordable. We would like to keep them realistic at the same time unlimited in possibility. Individual memberships, contributions, donations, and sponsorship support the PAX Corps. Any support could have a consequence that may open a door or change someone’s life and provide opportunity for assistance and hope for a new direction that can make a difference. If you have experienced the benefits of travel and cultural exchange you can help us build a bridge of learning adventures around the world that will lead us to new worlds and to one another. Support the Corps, designate an area for any particular cause or project and we encourage you to be an active participant or advisor. You could provide a home stay, itinerary for a selected member, study group, or mission. In an indivisible chain of life, and of peace every link is as important as the next, and grows stronger with each additional link. It starts taking one step, reaching out, connecting one link with another. Wherever a Pax course or adventure takes us, our goal is to be united in spirit, to continue to cross borders and barriers, denominations, races, colors political systems, divisions of rank, wealth, and class, as one family, making discoveries, sharing our experiences into opportunities, that create, not only for ourselves, but benefiting others towards a global world peace and understanding, making a better world for all to live, especially our children.

PAX Corps looks for help and alliances on all levels across continents. The Corps need volunteers, advisors, guides, leaders, organizers, members, and participation. PAX ENCOURAGES MEMBERS TO USE YOUR ABILITIES AND TALENTS AND EXPERIENCES THAT ARE SPECIAL TO YOU . The activity of PAX Corps is the activity of its Corps members. A “esprit d’ corps” shared around the world for light, liberty, life, and learning in peace. The PAX Corps needs you! Whoever you are? There are youth and adults waiting for opportunities to learn and there are those who have much to teach, to offer, and to share. PAX wants to make those links today. If you have a learning adventure or proposal that is “grassroots”, “hands on”, “esprit d corps”, PAX CORPS WELCOMES YOU TO LEAD! Send PAX your itinerary, ideas and cost so we may offer your program via the net to our global Corps and alliances around the world.


PAX Corps from the original Latin word “Pax” stands on an established 2000year cornerstone for Peace and incorporates the Greek words “peripatetica academia xenia”, following the Greek quest for learning on foot, after the ancients.

PAX Corps today, from those ancient and native. stirrings to explore and discover on foot, invites you as you are, one step at a time, as well as taking any gravity defying leaps across the planet for mankind into cyberspace or new worlds, one person at a time, to join the Corps. To participate with a goal of reaching across seven continents in the 21st Century with over 2001 programs and alliances to contribute sharing with us your discoveries, learning adventures and leadership, gifts and talents with others so that PAX Corps can truly be a crossroads for cultural exchange. A “searchlight” of the past that has come of age today. A rite of passage in life acknowledging body, soul and spirit crossing time zones, across oceans, borders, and barriers, to lead the way into the new millennium. Always ready to hold up the torch to any experience for light and liberty across humanity, facing, not only each other in conversation and communication but standing as one, combining strength of mind, body, and spirit, in facing the opportunities, challenges, and problems we all share. Choose to make a difference, by reaching out to one another in support and encouragement, whether working, learning or competing, united together in cooperation through peace, we can meet those challenges collectively and find solutions to most problems while realizing our personal and common goals. Any way of giving hope, spiritual strength, trust, courage, and faith along any path, will in everyway serve for uplifting the human spirit and the family of mankind.

The PAX Corps provides for today's students, and tomorrows leaders, to be personally in touch with the times and events, the people and world around us. To be part of an old tradition yet new interactive learning experience shaping the future in education. The chosen course is to focus on the good things going on in the world in “ Pax.” That does not mean ignoring sorrow, suffering or misfortune rather the ability to know how to confront them with compassion and hope and to persevere in life. Everyone has the ability to speak and share good things or bad things from the overflow of his or her heart.  "Where a mans heart is lie his treasure” What is it you prefer to give or receive? To teach or learn? Are you quick to speak and slow to listen or quick to listen and slow to speak?

Speaking, listening, learning, and living from the heart whether from the moment, or from one individual, the family, community, nation or heritage is the PAX CORPS and will always be a treasure and an adventure. JOIN OR LEAD THE PAX CORPS TODAY! For a treasure chest filled with life, light, hope and true peace. The gift, or Xenia, the PAX Corps hopes that all will discover, around the world to change the world.

WWW. serves in good faith and is unable to warrantee any service provided by any membership or programs for the obvious reasons that it can only set standards, or serve as an example and does not have control over those activities but rather prescribes their conduct and is dependent on the integrity and experiences of others who presumably have the background, qualifications and responsibility for participation or leadership. The Paxcorps while recommending excellence, without exception makes no representation, or warranty, either express or implied, with respect to programs, their quality or success, accuracy, or fitness, for a specific purpose. Therefore, neither the authors, the developers, nor Paxcorps shall have any liability to you or any person or entity with respect to any liability, loss, or damage caused directly or indirectly by the programs contained on this site or for those in the field with others. This includes but is not limited to, interruption of service, loss of data, loss of classroom time, loss of consulting or anticipatory profits, or consequential damages, loss of life, limb or liberty, resulting from this media, the use of Paxcorps programs or Paxcorps organization or Paxcorps membership or others offered in alliance or not in alliance. It is understood and expected that anyone involved with the Paxcorps does so at their own risk and is on their own, communicates personally with others who are involved in any activity, use their own judgment, does their own homework and research, has their own insurance, and makes their own decisions. Paxcorps is subject at times to politically incorrect governments, laws, condition and actions for which it does not agree nor can take responsibility for. Paxcorps operates from a trust, faith and knowlegde of god and his spirt and word, in unity of that sprit and word that bring foremost love, hope and peace in fellowship with others.

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